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New York

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Tuesday 24 May 2011

New York! (4) Reflections

Building Styles

Here we are back to the theme I meant to exploit mostly while in New York. But of course, in outside photography you are depending on so many factors. In the particular case of reflections, not only on the weather and the daylight, but also on cleaned windows, traffic, people, etc. So in the end, I did not catch too many good reflections.

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Monday 23 May 2011

New York! (3) Museums

Solomon / Wright Impossible to visit all the museums and galleries of New York! Especially if you have already blisters on your feet.
But the architecture of the Guggenheim is of course a must.

The current exhibition bears the title "The great upheaval", referring to the period of 1910 - 1918. Of course, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright must have come as a great upheaval when the museum was built in the 1940's and 50's. Today, the building looks much less dated than many buildings from the 1960's and 10's!

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Sunday 22 May 2011

New York! (2)

Sun Set




The onset of night in New York makes many people think of Times Square. One might argue that the jostling crowds are part of the place. But I have chosen another characteristic: Skyscrapers and billboards. Even this old-fashioned bill board (rather than the omnipresent giant electronic screens) still captures the spirit of the place quite nicely, I think.

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Times Square

After taking this picture we turned on our heels and went straight up to the roof-top restaurant of the Marriott Hotel to have dinner in the revolving restaurant - like good tourists. Not a place where you expect to take great pictures - unless you make the blending of inside and outside lights a theme of your photographs. Like in my "interior - exterior" series. The results may not be "great", but they are quite surprising.

Sunset - Chrysler Building Chrysler Building in sunset and, below, in real "twi-light" with the lights of the restaurant being reflected in the windows.

Inside - Outside (Times Square and Chrysler Building)

Inside - Outside (Times Square) "Above Times Square"
Some of the giant advertising screens are reflected in the lower part of the building, in the center of the image.

Inside - Outside (Marriott Hotel Times Square) The lights of the restaurant being reflected in the windows

Saturday 21 May 2011

New York! (1)

New York Street View

Just a view from a hotel room window, and yet, where else could this street be but in New York? .
Loud, bustling, noisy, outsized - and fascinating.
Tall buildings, small trees, lots of yellow cabs, and harsh light and shadow

Of course I could not possibly show all the photographs here that I brought back home. And even a severe selection will not fit into one reasonable blog post. So let's start with a few straight touristy photographs before we get to twilight and reflections.

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