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Sunday 12 August 2012

Glass Waves at the Opéra de Paris


Glass Waves


Ondes de verre

Architect Odile Decq, head of ODBC, has created a restaurant inside the Opéra Garnier in Paris - with the constraint of not touching pillars or ceilings, of remaining completely reversible, should the restaurant be closed at the end of its lease. (See here for the site of the restaurant "l'Opéra", and here for the Website of ODBC) Ondulationg glass walls weave around the pillars and provide very special reflecting surfaces.
The white mezzanine makes the reflections a bit awkward to catch; nevertheless, the results are unique and quite surprising: you seem to be seeing the Flatiron building transposed from New York to Paris. Also, the reflection drives a wedge though the vaulted ceiling, blending old and new, inside and outside - a degree of freedom reserved for the photographer whose substance of work is ephemeral.

Flatiron à Paris "Flatiron in Paris"

Flatiron à l'Opéra "Flatiron à l'Opéra Restaurant"

Paris Opéra "Double Feature"


Sunday 28 June 2009

Back Again after moving - "Kandinski Fall-out" from Paris


Moved again - and survived!
Déménagé encore une fois - et survécu !
Wieder umgezogen - und überlebt!

Even if you are "just" moving within a village, it's a gruelling experience. And it is an interminable one: You don't hire a professional removal company, since you only have to transport things over a mile, and in our case, you have nearly 2 months to do it. (redecoration of two houses included).
This blog is not about the hassles of moving, the trouble of finding space for things that have lived in your garages and cellars for many years - in a house that does not have either; about the incompetence of telecoms companies and Internet access providers, about the surprises of electric and water-pipes installations, etc., otherwise this entry might be 100 pages long.
Let us just state that the exercise kept me from writing this blog, and from photography in general.
Well not completely, as these images may prove.

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Sunday 24 June 2007

Les Halles de Paris

Les Halles vue d'ensembleLes Halles - vue générale du quartier

A market place since the 12th century, Les Halles have been rebuilt and enlarged several times to allow for the constant growth of the city of Paris. Before the current, mostly subterranean structure, the much regretted Halles of Baltard were in fact the 19th century architect's second attempt: Napoleon III did not like his first stone buildings at all, and told his prefect Haussmann that he wanted much lighter structures, nothing but "large umbrellas". Haussmann, a school friend of Baltard passed on the message and thus helped Baltard to get his second chance. He went on to create the iron structures that lasted for about a century before they were destroyed in 1971. "A massacre and an urbanistic crime" according to journalist and architecture critic Francis Rambert (in "Paris", sous la direction de Gilles Plazy, Editions Flammarion 2003, ISBN: 2-0801-11655)

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Sunday 29 April 2007

Pyramide du Louvre - Ieoh Ming Pei no. 3

Réflexion et réalité Before returning to La Défense, let us look at yet another building by Ieoh Ming Pei

Avant de retourner à la Défense, regardons encore un bâtiment de Ieoh Ming Pei - probablement LE bâtiment emblématique de Pei.

Bevor wir wieder zu La Défense zurückkehren, werfen wir noch einen Blick auf ein weiteres Gebäude von Ieoh Ming Pei, wohl das, mit dem er in der breiten Öffentlichkeit am bekanntesten geworden ist.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

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