I forgot to add two images to the previous posting and I have produced a new one in the meantime:
Darkness progresses from left to right, accentuated by the nearly black surface of Tour Areva at the right edge of the image. Some areas of bright sky are still reflected in the left part of the central building, now Tour SFR. Tour Sequoia by its real and "stable" name, entered service as Tour Bull - when Bull was still a proud major player in the computer business. .
When Jean-Marie Descarpentries administered a shock treatment to Bull and "banished" people from La Défense back to the former Nato barracks in Louveciennes where they had been before, the tower was then labelled Cegetel, and it has now become Tour SFR. (SFR ist the parent company of what is now Neuf Cegetel. SFR itself is owned by Vivendi and Vodafone. With all the rapid movements in the telecom industry, we may well see other logos at the top of the building in the future.)

Crépuscule Matin

"Aurore" is the fitting name of the tower being reflected here in the moring twilight. It is empty and completely dark, waiting to be renovated. The reflecting building "lends" its lights such that Aurore seems alive in this image.

Tour EDF crépuscule

Tour EDF photographed from the 35th floor of Coeur Défense.
It was a miserable rainy afternoon last Tuesday, the only one in the whole week. I had been kindly offered access to the offices of a consulting company that day and had lugged my camera bag and tripod along on a number of meetings during the day, always hoping the clouds would tear apart and offer me some dramatic evening light. But I should not be so lucky.
Nevertheless, this image conveys some of the atmosphere I wanted to capture: Pedestrians appear like a line of ants, the openings of the road tunnels are red as entries to hell, the offices in the tower are a protected but strange world of their own.
This image is also a link to the next posting that will show “a view from the top”.
Stay tuned.