Spring at la Défense?
Most people will argue that you can’t distinguish the seasons at this business precinct of high rise buildings. And indeed, apart from the central plane-tree alley along the Esplanade, there are not many plants to be seen that could indicate the seasons.
Nevertheless, you will have to agree that the following images symbolise spring as well as any.
They were taken last year at Place de l’Iris, on a day with typical April-weather: Showers and sunshine in rapid succession. Sheltering during a shower, I ventured into the square with the first sunlight and took these images of “spring at la Défense”: Trees planted in concrete containers, carefully aligned, reflected in the windows of a pavilion structure – but trees in full bloom, unmistakably announcing spring. The reflection in the windows makes the profusion of blossoms seem even more abundant.

This year, spring weather and blossoms came much earlier, and now that the calendar marks the start of spring, the weather puts us back into winter. Seasonal variations or climatic change? Who knows. Let us hope that we will be back in spring next week.


The cut-off pedestrian made me think of Otto Steinert’s “Ein-Fuss-Gänger”. Not that I would dare to compare myself to Otto Steinert, but since I was born in Saarbrücken, like him, he was of course my local hero, and this image of his was one of my earliest photographic references.


The bright sunlight after the shower produced this emblematic image of spring.


The double reflection in the window panes creates this “impressionist” image.