The weeks before Easter were rather hectic and did not leave time for the blog. Apologies to all who dropped by and did not find anything new.
During this time I needed to go through my archives in preparation of a family celebration, and I finally found my "historic" images of the CNIT - from 1996. The only office tower to be seen behind the CNIT is Tour Sequoia, then still Tour Bull if I am not mistaken.
None of the Towers on the other side of the Boulevard Circulaire existed at that time. (Egée, currently Ernst&Young; Cèdre, currently Cegetel; etc.)

CNIT Tour Sequoia 1996

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The next image is an extract of a larger one, showing a rather dull "real" view of the CNIT, and the statue "Le Grand Toscano" next to the Areva Tower (then called Tour Framatome). The reflection in the nearly black surface of this tower being the most interesting part of the image, I have extracted it here.

CNIT et Arche dans la Tour Areva

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To be followed soon by a number of different views of Pei's tower for EDF.