If the entrance hall dates a bit, the exterior is relatively timeless in its bold elegance.
Even though the tower is not directly accessible via the pedestrian platform of the "parvis", its height (40 floors) gives it a "presence" amongst the other buildings closer to the main axis of La Défense, and its reflection can be picked up in other buildings over quite some distance.
The reflections in these images offer very different appearances: From cool elegance to decaying morbidity.

These images illustrate very well the concept of "saisir l'éphémère" that pervades my project at La Défense: the "deconstructive" force of some reflections shows the building in potential states of decay.

The tower next to Descartes, formerly Septentrion, and in its "second life" (after complete refurbishing in 1998) resuscitated as Tour Europlaza, provides a reflecting surface for Descartes, where "two worlds" merge.

Tour Descartes Deux Mondes

"Deux Mondes"

Tour Descartes dans CBXThe image to the left and the one below show Tour Descartes reflected in the new Tour CBX.

In the image below, the carved out part of Descartes seems to be continued in an elliptic form in the reflection.

Tour Descartes dans CBX

And now for the impressions of "decay":

Tour Descartes en camouflage


Tour Descartes décomposée