Während bei einem Kaleidoskop die Spiegel in einer geschlossenen Form angeordnet sind (Dreieck oder Viereck), so dass ein Bild mehrfach gespiegelt wird, sind die "Spiegel" in diesen Gebäuden nach außen gewölbt, also "offen". Sie setzen aus verschiedenen Perspektiven ein neues Bild zusammen.

Dans un kaléidoscope les miroirs forment un triangle ou rectangle fermé dans lequel une image est reflétée plusieurs fois. Les "miroirs" de ces bâtiments sont "ouverts", tournés vers l'extérieur. Ils captent des images différentes et en composent une nouvelle.

The mirrors of a kaleidoscope are arranged in a "closed" form (a triangle or rectangle) such that a single image is reflected several times creating a regular pattern. The "mirrors" of these buildings are arranged in a convex "open" form. They pick up images from different perspectives and recompose them in surprising ways.

In its original meaning, a kaleidoscope is "an instrument with which we can see things of beautiful form". In that sense, the "rounded" buildings of La Défense are truly kaleidoscopes.

The first three photographs are taken from a pedestrian bridge at the back of the AGF building. Moving along the bridge or even just moving the camera produces very different images - just like the turning of a kaleidoscope.

AGF Building 2

AGF Building 3

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The next image is "produced" by the Veritas building and taken from the pedestrian platform of the new CBX tower. It shows an amazingly diverse pattern of scenes around the boulevard circulaire, including the Total petrol station. Choosing between the red and the green traffic light I opted for the red one: "Stop here to look!"

Veritas Boulevard Circulaire

The SFR tower is reflecting a panorama of la Défense here, with office towers (Areva and Total), a tower of flats (on the right), the CNIT (on the left), and a construction site (the EDF tower). At the bottom of the image you can see a lonely pedestrian. It looks as if he or she were walking between rails - "fenced in".

Tour SFR