The Kupka building is situated at the west of La Défense, its a rounded glass facade is linked to "La Pacifique" across the boulevard circulaire by the "Japan Bridge". This pedestrian bridge was imagined by architect Kisho Kurokawa, then designed in detail by RFR Ingénieurs in 1994.

The rounded glass facade of the Kupka building reflects the image of a sprawling city. A very high opening receives the Japan Bridge. The resulting images are a bit eerie, reminding me somewhat of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. (OK, it's a far fetched comparison, but I can't help it, this association came to my mind.)

The following two images are taken from within the Japan Bridge. The left one looking back from Kupka towards La Pacifique, the right one looking towards Kupka.
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Passerelle Japonaise de l'intérieurPasserelle Japonaise de l'intérieure

The next images show the Japan Bridge and the "right wing" of Kupka.
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Kupka, Passerelle Japonaise et aile droite

Kupka, Passerelle Japonaise et aile droite

The "left wing" of Kupka reflects the back of the shopping centre "Les 4 Temps" (to the left), the side of the Grande Arche, and La Pacifique, and in between the latter ones a number of smaller buildings.

Kupka aile gauche

And now two nearly identical panoramic views of Kupka and the Japan Bridge, one with a very strange looking vegetation in the foreground.
Tell me which one you prefer.

Passerelle Japonaise, panorama avec végétation

Kupka panorama, Passerelle Japonaise