The shopping centre "Les Quatres Temps" has been built in 1981, but its architecture looked still very much 1970's with its green façade panels and white spheres protruding in regular lines from the surface. This trace of the 1970's is has now been replaced by a rather simple glass structure - offering more reflections under specific light conditions.
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In the next images - taken from previous postings "Symbols", and "A view from the top" - you can still see a trace of the old façade.

ArchesLes 4 Temps en travaux-Miro-Carroussel

In the following image, the new glass band reflects the staircase and "cloud" of La Grande Arche.

Les 4 Temps

At the top end of Les 4 Temps, towards La Grande Arche, the CNIT reflects in the glass panels above the hamburger eaters.

Les 4 Temps

Of course, there are many more aspects to the renovated building of the shopping centre, including, for example, the elevated roof and the bridge to the cinemas on the top level, but these are left for future photographic exploration.