Bâtiment AGF

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The "horizontal drops" in the glass front of the AGF building can be perceived more clearly on this photograph.
Both of the preceding and the next photograph are just "notes" taken with my little Fuji Finepix "visual note book". I use this for recording places and impressions to come back to with "real" equipment. I did come back to this place a number of times, but never reshot these images. I suppose I should do so. Tell me what you think.

Tour GAN

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Coming up to the esplanade on a spiral staircase from the subway entrance, you get this view of the Tour GAN, one of the relatively early buildings, dating from 1974.

Tour GAN dans le bâtiment AGF

Here, we see the GAN tower reflected - and slightly "deconstructed' - in the AGF building.

Tour GAN dans bâtiment AGF

Here we get a combination of the "droplets" on the façade of the AGF building, a reflection of Tour GAN, and the Basin by Takis.

Tour AXA dans bâtiment AGF

The AXA tower is reflected here in the AGF building with its “droplets" nicely visible. A visitor is resting on one of the benches of the Esplanade, facing upwards towards the Grande Arche.

Tour Initiale, AGF

Looking to the other side, towards Paris, one can see the "droplets" of the AGF building in front of one of the oldest towers of La Défense: Tour Initiale, dating from 1966. It had been Tour Hoechst for many years, was completely renovated recently and is now the home of RTE, the newly created company managing the electricity transport system (Réseau du Transport d'Electricité).