« Happy » the reflections in the new façade of the shopping centre Les 4 Temps, with the « happy » neon sign shining through from inside; the new view on César's « Pouce » and a new « Thumb » that appeared as the reflection of the new T1 building in the Tour SFR. (We have seen its reflection in the Tour SFR during its construction in the posting on « The renewal of La Défense » (http://blog.jeanrond-photo.com/post/2007/05/12/The-renewal-of-La-Defense)

So many new developments are announced at La Défense that this walk around will not really have been the last photographic outing there. But the downturn of the economy and political squabbles may well delay the very ambitious new building programmes : Tour Phare, Tour Signal, Generali Tower, etc.

I will certainly go back from time to time, but I feel running out of steam: The new images of « mondrianesque » and « Tour Total Cubiste » are no progress above the older ones, I fear. Time to move on.

Apart from that, having moved to the Var (in the South of France) last September, it is about time to show you some of the images of our new surroundings, as already announced in February. The next postings will definitely be dedicated to the Var. (Not counting the exhibition notes to follow immediately)



The new façade of the shopping center Les 4 Temps reflects the Parvis with the CNIT and the SFR and T1 towers behind it. A neon-sign on the inside proclaims "happy".

Parvis triptych

This triptych reflection in "Maison de la Défense" shows the Grande Arche and the roof of the CNIT in the centre, the new rounded façade on the back of the CNIT and the Tour SFR at the left, and strips of buildings from across the Parvis on the right.

Pouce de César

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The new bridge across the boulevard circulaire has finally replaced the old "passerelle", a makeshift pedestrian crossing.

Its elaborate set-up, leading to César's "Pouce" seems to indicate that work on Tour Phare, to be built on this ground (integrating the sculpture and the bridge) is not going to start tomorrow...

Pouce T1

Another "thumb" is appearing as a reflection of the T1 tower in the Tour SFR. Was this meant to be an allusion to the thumb sculpture at the foot of Tour SFR?

Tour Total Cubiste II

Return to the "Tour Total Cubiste", a reflection in the Monge building. The clouds are quite nice, but on the whole, the image is not much stronger than the previous one (lower down). Possibly I should take away the buildings framing Tour Total to the left and right. ?

Mondrianesque nuageux

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This version of "Mondrianesque" has a rather "cool" colour scheme. It is a cropped version of this no longer so mondrianesque image.

Mondrianesque long

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In the end, I think I prefer the first version (click here)
Time to move to other subjects.