Since work in vineyards and fields has become mechanised, with farmers and vineyard workers sitting in airconditioned tractor cabins, you hardly see people using the sheds any more.
At 38° C in the shade, our usual temperature these days, you can imagine how wonderful the shade must have been for people who sat down for a break after having laboured for hours in the fields.

Without leaves, the trees and “their“ sheds look very different, and their symbiosis for the benefits of their human owners is less apparent. The evolution of the trees and the vineyards or fields throughout the year ist fascinating.

In this posting, I have put together images of just two tree-shed couples in different seasons.

The plane tree in the vineyard is just outside Collobrières going towards Pierrefeu.

Notice the difference after the vine has been pruned. (It isn't in the picture above)

Enjoy the view when you pass by.

Le platane protecteur Mars
9 March 2008

Le platane protecteur Mai
2 May 2008

Le platane protecteur Juillet
24 July 2008

The cherry tree is right in front of our house. You have seen glimpses of it in the previous posting.

Le cerisier protecteur Février
5 February 2008

Le cerisier protecteur fin Mars
29 March 2008

Le cerisier protecteur début Juin
2 June 2008

Le cerisier protecteur fin Juillet
29 July 2008