Looking down from the Massif des Maures Driving across the Col de Gonfaron from Collobrières (on the D39) around 10 am on a Saturday morning, we came across this spot showing the the valley around Gonfaron under a cover of fog.
By the time we had come to the plain, the fog was already clearing up.
(Click on the images to enlarge) Gonfaron Massif des Maures
All of these images were taken on the way to another destination, in a bit of a hurry, within just 20 minutes. Gonfaron Massif des Maures
Gonfaron Massif des Maures
Gonfaron Massif des Maures

So I decided to come back the next day, a bit earlier and with more time, hoping to seize the whole process of the fog clearing up. Being earlier than the day before, I found myself around 9 am in this environment:

Gonfaron fog

Little did I know how much time I would have to spend!
The fog clears up in waves: As soon as the the sun clears up a good patch, humidity starts evaporating from the ground, creating a fresh cloud of dense fog.

Gonfaron Massif des Maures

Around 10:30 am

In the meantime, the fog had cleared enough (by 9:50) to allow the view of the Massif des Maures that I used for the greeting card in the last posting. (See the first image in this posting)
I wonder, how many people have spotted the figure 2009 painted as a "cloud" in the sky on the greeting card.. (go back to the previous post to have a look.)

During the waves of new fog, I was sitting in the car, listening to one of the typical French Sunday-morning-intellectual-radio programmes that are quite entertaining but which you forget more or less as soon as they end. They allow people to expose their intellectual brilliance more than they dig deep down into any subject matter. Before anyone attacks me for such arrogant statements I hasten to add that some brilliant French intellectuals do go below the surface in their radio programmes. ☺

While listening to the radio, I watched the landscape unfold in the rear mirror of my car, getting out periodically for a series of new photographs.

Massif des Maures in rear mirror

By about 11:30, the fog had mostly cleared up, so that I could get back home in time for lunch.(Important, we are in France, after all!)

Gonfaron Massif des Maures
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Gonfaron Massif des Maures