Port d'Hyères

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Port d'Hyères extra-terrestres

Here, the people walking along the edge of the water have gotten multiple heads. Of course, the image is rotated by 180°, like the previous one.

The next is a "classic" harbour reflection. (Click to enlarge)

Port d'Hyères

Just in case you think we are spoilt rotten in a climate where spring starts at the end of January, take a look at the next image. In the very night after this marvelous spring day, the deluge set in. It rained so much during the next weeks that the vineyards next to our house in Collobrières were "under water".

Collobrières - vignes inondées
This was the view stepping out of my office on 7 February, nearly two weeks after spring at Bormes les Mimosas and Hyères.