There will be no photographs "out of my window" this time, since they would have to show our - private - garden rather than vineyards and other parts of the Provence landscape. Since despite moving, I had to be in Paris on a number of occasions; I was able to visit the monumental Kandinski exhibition in the Centre Pompidou / Beaubourg. It is still on until 10 August, and it is a must for everyone passing through Paris this summer. (Click here for more information)

The photographs are “fall-out”, so to speak, of our visit to the Kandinski exhibition.

The one above is an “inside-out” photograph, muted by the net curtains of the museum. Beaubourg is an intriguing place since its large glass panels invite the city into the museum, something that is avoided in most exhibition places in order to shield the exhibits from the destructive effect of (UV) light, and, I suppose, to keep the viewers concentrated. I rather like the idea of openness, unless, of course, I see the reflection of the city in the glass of frame rather than the framed art work.
Hopefully "the museum and the city" will be the topic of another series of photographs. It will be inspired by M.C. Escher's work (see here)

When we went to see the exhibition, the weather was fine and people were having lunch outside in the restaurant on the top of Beaubourg. A pool of water, not quite evenly covering the surface next to the diners, helped to produce these images of "Dry Clouds".
(Click on the images to enlarge)

Dry Clouds I

Dry Clouds II

Earlier on, I had to be back to la Défense, where the CNIT is undergoing a major renovation, and where I discovered this “Iron Butterfly”. Contrary to most of my Défense images, it is a “straight” photograph, not a reflection.

Iron Butterfly

Let us hope that I will get around to more photography and more postings now the moving is behind us and only the “normal” maintenance work around the house drawing on available energies.