The sun was a bit too strong, such the the reflected images "drowned" the interior. Trying to get another chance, the weather had changed and the light was useless. I will have to try again later.

The best result so far, for me, is the above image of the show case of L'Eclaireur. (; click to enlarge the image). I love the blending of the writing on the wall and the tree. My second favourite are the last two images (the last one being a more extremely cropped version of the same image). Here, the exhibited art works are still recognisable, and we have another dimension added: The posters of exhibitions in other places.

L'Eclaireur 2

The following images are from the two galleries of Ariel Sibony. (

Galerie ariel sibony 1

Galerie ariel sibony 2

Galerie ariel sibony 3