The next image shows St. Paul's Cathedral reflected in the glass panes of the tourist office nearby. (Plus a little "self portrait" in the left lower corner)

St. Paul's Cathedral reflected in the tourist office

Walking across the Millennium Bridge, I paid my tribute to the Tate Modern. Wonderful to simply walk into a museum without paying, look at a few pictures that particularly interest you at that moment, and walk out again - knowing that you can come back any-time for more - without queuing up and paying again. The light was not particularly good, but I still like the view from the cafeteria on the top floor.

Tate Modern Cafeteria

Looking down into the "machine hall", I saw this amusing sign, pointing to a "low future" for Futurism.

Low future

The next day, walking across London Bridge, I got yet another glimpse of St. Paul's in this glass front:

London Bridge and St. Paul's

A bit further east, is another financial district: Canary Wharf. In front of a building still under construction, I found these very nice "Fleurs d'argent". (In English, the pun gets lost, since the "silver" and "money" are not the same word.)

Fleurs d'argent, Canary Wharf

While taking pictures on Canary Wharf, I got accosted by security men telling me that "they" did not like people taking photographs of buildings. After a few friendly exchanges, I told them that I really did not care much about the views of landlords as long as I took pictures on public ground. I then learned to my astonishment that the whole of Canary Warf is private property. In that case, owners have indeed a say in the publication of any picture taken from/of their property.

I hope they won't mind too much the publication of the next picture: "Passe-muraille & Pont-levis". The draw-bridge is permanently up (because of construction work). One may wonder whether people in the finance industry will remain stuck between the glass walls of their buildings, like the "Passe-muraille" in Marcel Aymé's story. And if they get out, will they be able to leave their "island" ?

Passe-muraille et pont-levis, Canary Wharf

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