In fact, it has been back for some time, as the image of the mimosa proves, taken around the corner from our house about two months ago.

Mimosa Collobrières

Time for another exhibition with the Association des Artistes et Créateurs de Collobrières (AACC).
Like last year, we are combining an exhibition of the Tiffany section of the AACC, showing their latest glass works, and of my photographs. The mayor's office has kindly put the nice and spacious Salle des Moufus in the centre of Collobrières at our disposal.
The joint "vernissage" of both exhibitions will be on 23 April, 18h.
This year, the photographic exhibition will be divided into two parts: More photographs of the series "Reflets - Réflexions", and some "straight" landscapes of the Var. Two spots are dealt with in some detail: A view from just outside Gonfaron looking towards the Massif des Maures, and a view of the hills and vineyards on the outskirts of Collobrières going towards Pierrefeu.

Gonfaron Massif des Maures

Collobrières Vignes

The image on the poster is a view from Pierrefeu showing one of the characteristic "shading trees" that are planted next to houses or sheds to shield them from the sun.

Poster Expo