Sun Set




The onset of night in New York makes many people think of Times Square. One might argue that the jostling crowds are part of the place. But I have chosen another characteristic: Skyscrapers and billboards. Even this old-fashioned bill board (rather than the omnipresent giant electronic screens) still captures the spirit of the place quite nicely, I think.

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Times Square

After taking this picture we turned on our heels and went straight up to the roof-top restaurant of the Marriott Hotel to have dinner in the revolving restaurant - like good tourists. Not a place where you expect to take great pictures - unless you make the blending of inside and outside lights a theme of your photographs. Like in my "interior - exterior" series. The results may not be "great", but they are quite surprising.

Sunset - Chrysler Building Chrysler Building in sunset and, below, in real "twi-light" with the lights of the restaurant being reflected in the windows.

Inside - Outside (Times Square and Chrysler Building)

Inside - Outside (Times Square) "Above Times Square"
Some of the giant advertising screens are reflected in the lower part of the building, in the center of the image.

Inside - Outside (Marriott Hotel Times Square) The lights of the restaurant being reflected in the windows