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Wednesday 23 July 2008

Collobrières #2

Collobrières - à droite de mon bureau

Vue de ma fenêtre - droite
Looking out of my window - right
Sicht aus meinem Fenster - rechts

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As promised in the last posting, here are images made looking out of my office window to the right, across the seasons.

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Monday 14 July 2008

Collobrières dans le Var

Collobrières Vignes automne et laurier

Change of scenery
Changement de décor
Neue Umgebung

(click on the image to enlarge)

Moving to Provence is a challenge:

Most French people think that you are retiring. Well I am not, and given the state of retirement finances in France and in Germany, I will probably never be able to retire. I hope my customers and prospects don't think I am retired, and they don't need to call upon me any more!
The people in the south suspect, that if you are not retired, you will not live here during the whole year. Probably thinking « no need to integrate these people », they won't be around most of the time.

Worse still: How do you move from a project of rather abstract photography at La Défense to the postcard-landscapes of Provence, photographed a million times before you get there? Or how do you write about your experience without subconsciously plagiarising Marcel Pagnol or Peter Mayle?

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