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Sunday 28 June 2009

Back Again after moving - "Kandinski Fall-out" from Paris


Moved again - and survived!
Déménagé encore une fois - et survécu !
Wieder umgezogen - und überlebt!

Even if you are "just" moving within a village, it's a gruelling experience. And it is an interminable one: You don't hire a professional removal company, since you only have to transport things over a mile, and in our case, you have nearly 2 months to do it. (redecoration of two houses included).
This blog is not about the hassles of moving, the trouble of finding space for things that have lived in your garages and cellars for many years - in a house that does not have either; about the incompetence of telecoms companies and Internet access providers, about the surprises of electric and water-pipes installations, etc., otherwise this entry might be 100 pages long.
Let us just state that the exercise kept me from writing this blog, and from photography in general.
Well not completely, as these images may prove.

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Sunday 6 July 2008

La Défense #20 : Final Visit?


Dernière (?) visite à La Défense
Last (?) visit to La Défense
Letzter (?) Besuch in La Défense

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Some new images and some « returns » from a visit on 17 June:
Time for new topics...

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Saturday 9 June 2007

La Défense #13: End of an Era

Tour Aurore

End of an Era
Fin d'une ère
Ende einer Ära

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Tuesday 10 April 2007

La Défense #8: CNIT bis

The weeks before Easter were rather hectic and did not leave time for the blog. Apologies to all who dropped by and did not find anything new.
During this time I needed to go through my archives in preparation of a family celebration, and I finally found my "historic" images of the CNIT - from 1996. The only office tower to be seen behind the CNIT is Tour Sequoia, then still Tour Bull if I am not mistaken.
None of the Towers on the other side of the Boulevard Circulaire existed at that time. (Egée, currently Ernst&Young; Cèdre, currently Cegetel; etc.)

CNIT Tour Sequoia 1996

(Click on the image to enlarge)

The next image is an extract of a larger one, showing a rather dull "real" view of the CNIT, and the statue "Le Grand Toscano" next to the Areva Tower (then called Tour Framatome). The reflection in the nearly black surface of this tower being the most interesting part of the image, I have extracted it here.

CNIT et Arche dans la Tour Areva

(Click on the image to enlarge)

To be followed soon by a number of different views of Pei's tower for EDF.

Saturday 31 March 2007

La Défense #7: CNIT

Even though I left the spring images posting for more than a week, spring did not return to Paris. Let us hope it will be back for Easter.
(Apologies for the long interval between postings)

History CNIT (EPAD)

Returning to the origins of la Défense, here are a few images of the very first building there, Le CNIT (Centre des Nouvelles Industries et Technologies).

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Thursday 22 February 2007

La Défense #3: Symbols

Grande Arche - Football

La Grande Arche comme symbole de La Défense ?
La Grande Arche as a symbol of La Défense ?
Die Grande Arche als Symbol der Défense ?

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Saturday 17 February 2007

Saisir l'Ephémère - La Défense #2

Construction - 07_0114_La-Def_L2_29

Saisir l’éphémère ?
What is ephemeral about office towers?
Nicht so sehr „Vergängliches festhalten“, sondern „die Vergänglichkeit des Subjekts erfassen“.

"Saisir l’éphémère”, catching the ephemeral, may seem like a strange concept in conjunction with buildings constructed for eternity - at least in the intentions of their proud creators. Of course, if you had a chance of looking at some of the sources cited in the previous posting on the history of La Défense, you realise how things changed there over time. And if you take a look at the many sites under construction today, you will see quite dramatic changes happening right now, destruction and (re-) construction.
But my notion of the ephemeral is not so much centred on the long term evolution of La Défense (or that of my other subjects) – I am rather interested in showing the ephemeral nature of my subjects in a single image (or in very few images showing different aspects of a subject).

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Sunday 11 February 2007

La Défense - a bit of history

Construction - 07_0114_La-Def_L2_29
La Défense - permanently under construction

Posting #1: Background information and history

(Click on the image to enlarge)

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