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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Paris: Beaubourg - Centre Pompidou

Beaubourg Rue Rambuteau_1

Outside-in / inside-out
Aussen und innen
Extérieur - intérieur

As promised in the last posting, I come back to the topics of "inside-out / outside-in” and "museum and the city". These topics will probably keep my imagination busy for a while, and I will have to revisit places again and again, in order to refine my images and come closer to what I would like them to be.
Comments and proposals for improvements are very welcome.

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Sunday 28 June 2009

Back Again after moving - "Kandinski Fall-out" from Paris


Moved again - and survived!
Déménagé encore une fois - et survécu !
Wieder umgezogen - und überlebt!

Even if you are "just" moving within a village, it's a gruelling experience. And it is an interminable one: You don't hire a professional removal company, since you only have to transport things over a mile, and in our case, you have nearly 2 months to do it. (redecoration of two houses included).
This blog is not about the hassles of moving, the trouble of finding space for things that have lived in your garages and cellars for many years - in a house that does not have either; about the incompetence of telecoms companies and Internet access providers, about the surprises of electric and water-pipes installations, etc., otherwise this entry might be 100 pages long.
Let us just state that the exercise kept me from writing this blog, and from photography in general.
Well not completely, as these images may prove.

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