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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Arcs - Tour Exaltis

Tour Total reflétée dans la tour Exaltis


Arcs of Light

Arcs de lumière

Tour Exaltis is a relatively late addition to La Défense (2006), designed by architects Bruno Willerval of Bridot-Willerval and Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Architectonica, and built by Bouygues. It houses the headquarters of Mazars.

Arcs of light extended to the pavementThe arcs of light are lighting strips in the interior of the big entrance hall. The architects have extended them onto the pavement outside the building, as you can see in this image (click to enlarge).

I have taken up that idea and “extended” the arcs of light into the surroundings, structuring the mirror images of la Défense, and blurring the distinction “inside – outside”.

The first image is closely cropped to the pedestrian level of La Défense, with Tour Total and Tour Areva framing the image left and right. The second shows the lower street level - with pedestrians, and the photographer in the lower left corner. (Contrary to Erich Kästner's proverbial saying that the photographer is never in the picture: "Merk's dir, du Schaf, weil's immer gilt: der Photograph ist nie auf'm Bild.")

La Défense reflétée dans la tour Exaltis
La Défense reflétée dans la tour Exaltis

Grande Arche et Société Générale reflétées dans la tour Exaltis Here we have two emblematic buildings of La Défense reflected in cascades in the concave structure of Tour Exaltis: La Grande Arche and one of the towers of Société Générale.

Breaking through (Tour EDF dans la tour Exaltis) "Breaking through"
The reflected image of Pei's EDF tower seems to be breaking through the façade of the Exaltis tower from the inside.

Sunday 29 April 2007

Pyramide du Louvre - Ieoh Ming Pei no. 3

Réflexion et réalité Before returning to La Défense, let us look at yet another building by Ieoh Ming Pei

Avant de retourner à la Défense, regardons encore un bâtiment de Ieoh Ming Pei - probablement LE bâtiment emblématique de Pei.

Bevor wir wieder zu La Défense zurückkehren, werfen wir noch einen Blick auf ein weiteres Gebäude von Ieoh Ming Pei, wohl das, mit dem er in der breiten Öffentlichkeit am bekanntesten geworden ist.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

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Sunday 15 April 2007

La Défense #9: Tour EDF

Tour EDF Postcard Image

Leçon de géométrie par Pei
Geometrie-Lehrstück von Pei
Geometry Lesson by Pei

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