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Saturday 2 February 2013

Nice Airport (Winter flight)

Nice Aéroport et Monatgnes

Airport Images


Images d'aéroport

On the way from Nice to Berlin in January. Only the snowy mountains show that we are in winter. Brilliant sunshine made a stark difference to the landing in wintery grey (and cold!) Berlin. (I spare you the images of dark-grey Berlin. For other images of Berlin, see here

Nice Aéroport "La Pause" / "Lunchbreak"

Nice Aéroport Town and country in the airport terminal.

Vol Nice-Berlin After take-off

Saturday 12 February 2011

Nice in December

Nice, plage en décembreTaking the children to the ariport in Nice after their Christmas visit, there was not much time for photography. Just enough to catch this view of the beach along the Promenade des Anglais, showing that it is not empty even at this time of the year, and a few more mirror images to enrich the series "Reflets - Réflexions".

Nice Airport - reflections:

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