Place de l'Hémicycle

"Rounded Squares"
Espaces arrondies
Kurven und Plätze

Place de l'Hémicycle with the Société Générale tower in the back
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Beyond the Grande Arche and the Renaissance Hotel you don't meet many visitors any more. Three "rounded squares": Place Ronde, Place de l'Hémicycle, Place de l'Ellipse, follow each other in the direct neighbourhood of the two half round towers of Société Générale.
I don't have a nice image of glass covered Place Ronde yet, so you will just get an idea of the two adjacent Places de l'Hémicycle et de l'Ellipse.
On week-ends both are completely deserted. While place de l'Ellipse is not really meant for the general public - there is nothing to invite you walk around or sit down - the emptiness of Place de l'Hémicycle with its benches and restaurant is quite spooky. I'll have to come back on a week-day. Nevertheless, the bold architecture of the place and the Société Générale building "towering" above it is quite striking.