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Thursday 28 June 2012

Glasgow Riverside Museum by Zaha Hadid

Glasgow Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid

Roofs and Waves

Dächer und Wellen

Des toits et des vagues

On a recent trip to Glasgow, I went - of course - to see Zaha Hadid's Riverside Museum. As so often in Scotland, the sun played hide and seek with erveryone, making it difficult to catch the reflections in the dark glass panels of the riverside front of the museum.
The building being very close to the river, my 35mm lens proved not wide-angeled enough for the photos I would have liked to take, but here are at leat some impressions of the building and its sourroundings.
I assume the roof construction was inspired by the old storage or factory buildings with their zig-zag roof structures, and by the waves of the river and the nearby sea. Maybe the cityscape served as inspiration, too. Contracting these elements in what resembles a swift stroke of the pen, and actually constructing a roof according to this pen stroke is quite daring - and possibly a stroke of genious. Reading the text on Hadid's Website, my intuition on her inspiration seems to be right.
In the following images, you can see the old roof structures, reflected in a window on the side of the building that resembles an image hung on a museum wall. The second one gives an idea of bold line of the museum's roof .
(Click on the images to enlarge)

Glasgow Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid
Glasgow Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid

Having lived in Scotland for two years, I don't even dare to imagine the wind pressure and the challenges by the tons of rain being blown against the huge glass façade, but apparently it resists the elements. You get an idea of the size from the previous and the next picture:

Glasgow Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid
The sailing boat moored in front of the building is part of the museum.
Walking around the front to the right, there is another window that acts like an exhibit hung on the outside of the building.

Glasgow Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid

Tuesday 24 May 2011

New York! (4) Reflections

Building Styles

Here we are back to the theme I meant to exploit mostly while in New York. But of course, in outside photography you are depending on so many factors. In the particular case of reflections, not only on the weather and the daylight, but also on cleaned windows, traffic, people, etc. So in the end, I did not catch too many good reflections.

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