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Saisir l’éphémère ?
What is ephemeral about office towers?
Nicht so sehr „Vergängliches festhalten“, sondern „die Vergänglichkeit des Subjekts erfassen“.

"Saisir l’éphémère”, catching the ephemeral, may seem like a strange concept in conjunction with buildings constructed for eternity - at least in the intentions of their proud creators. Of course, if you had a chance of looking at some of the sources cited in the previous posting on the history of La Défense, you realise how things changed there over time. And if you take a look at the many sites under construction today, you will see quite dramatic changes happening right now, destruction and (re-) construction.
But my notion of the ephemeral is not so much centred on the long term evolution of La Défense (or that of my other subjects) – I am rather interested in showing the ephemeral nature of my subjects in a single image (or in very few images showing different aspects of a subject).